Parents' testimonials

My son, Atharv was in Sunshine for more than 3 and half years. He did not face any problem during transition to Indian school. He enjoyed a lot at Sunshine ans still remembers this school and his teachers. Thank you, Sunshine.

Thank you.
Sandeep Gaikwad

I am really happy to have chosen SIS. When we wanted our child to get her enrolled in day care, we were quite nervous as she was only 1.5Yrs. With help and expertise of SIS, she got used to not being around us within the 1St week. We also saw good progress in her vocabulary and her general behavior at house. She has been getting more cooperative at home. She has stopped being adamant and started eating on her own slowly. The most satisfying thing for a parent is to see her child coming out of the school with a cute wide smile end of the day. Thanks SIS for your continuous support in giving us peace of mind and a wonderful time for my kid.

Thanks and Regards,

Sunshine International school provides a fantastic learning environment for children of all cultures, languages and ways of thinking,learning and being. Its a warm,safe and very hygienic place for kids. My kid is excited to go to school. Each day she attends the school,we know that she is in a safe, quality place of love and learning. We feel blessed to found an awesome educational place for her. My kid was going to this school from past 3 months. In this period she improved her speaking skills, became more disciplined and well mannered.


けれど、お迎えのときにお友達と”Bye!”と笑って手を振り合っている姿や、朝「学校いくよ」と言うとカバンを持って玄関に駆ける姿を見て、 今はとても安心しています。


Dear Mr. White,

Sunshine International school is a fantastic, educational environment. We looked at a lot of schools and none quite compared. Our daughter loves it and has learned so much!

I wanted to thank you for all you've done for Subeeksha. Subeeksha has been attending the school for over four months now. You've worked with her gently and rekindled her love of learning. She's the one who tells her mom to hurry so she won't be late to school. I'm sure you have heard hundreds of wonderful stories from your parents, but I just wanted to add one more. Thank you again for helping my precious child and for welcoming us into your 'Sunshine' family.

Dinesh N

Me and my wife wanted to thank you for the great and meaningful learning you have offered her over the past 3.5 years in many many ways.

She loves her school, she loves her teachers, she loves her friends and she is definitely going with great great memories. Along with that, she takes away good communication skills, good manners, self confidence and a curiosity to explore more, and a lot of it goes to the school and the way she has been groomed over the recent years.

When I look back I think I made an absolute right decision to have her join SIS and we feel absolute proud of this.

I have no doubt that SIS is a great place to groom kids the best possible shape in their starting academic years. Thanks again for all that SIS had done to Kaashvi.

Thanks again.

Dear Parents,

We would like to share our opinion about our Child schooling at Sunshine International School.

From the time she started going to school, its been very helpful for me in making her learn the basic etiquette effortlessly and she manages lot of her stuff - like eating,wearing diaper, wearing/taking off socks and which staff teach her at the school.

The school staff are very experienced, knowledgeable and very helpful, their contribution towards our daughter growth is really commendable.

Our daughter has developed cognitive thinking, social skills and very important she is able to talk fluently & clearly. As parents we can proudly say Sunshine has helped our daughter has moved from babyhood to childhood. We like to thank Sunshine staff for helping our daughter learn and grow with fun.

Overall we are very comfortable with the school and highly recommend this school for your child overall growth.

Thanks and regards,
Pratima Pompana

"We had twins - a boy and a girl- and had no idea of how to teach our kids in their kindergarten years. When we visited Sunshine for the first time and met Mr. White, we knew that we had not only found a great teacher but also a great advisor to us parents of small kids. Our kids have been going to Sunshine for almost three years and I honestly believe that Mr. white's vision for the school has reached the staff- who have been our kids' friends as well as teachers. Love the experience. We recommend the school to any parent of young kids who want a holistic early education experience.

Siddharth Bhaiya.

After joining SIS Akanksa has started to think smart. The kids picked up the English language very well within a few months after they joined. When it comes to teaching, we like the way things are put across to the kids.
The approach, to first create the interest in kids to learn the topic, before getting into the details of the lesson is highly commendable. This way the kids like what they are doing and are not forced to do things. The long school hours is also an added advantage to the kids and the parents. Kids are very disciplined and behave well in school and outside. We are very happy with the overall development of our child.

Ganesh / Nirmala

"We are very happy with our son's improvement after joining Sunshine school. His interpersonal skills, speaking skills has improved.
- He is more disciplined and well-mannered in social life. He likes to go school everyday."

Thanks & Regards,
Sagar Jawale

"My Son started going to Sunshine when he was 2 and had just started speaking some words, but after going to sunshine he started speaking sentences in just 2 months. I really appreciate the teachers and the staff at Sunshine who gave such a lively environment to my kid. He was always happy to go to the school.

I had problems with my child's eating habits but the staff really took great effort to overcome it. We are really happy with the progress our son made in a very less time at the school. All the teachers are so enthusiastic and the children love to be with them.

Last but not the least I would say that SUNSHINE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is not just a school but a second home for the children going there."

Sharvani Koyande

"My daughter studied in sunshine international school and I am very very satisfied. Excellent school with excellent teachers. Truly international environment. Teachers are native English speaker. All kids of SIS have a great english accent which I believe other preschools are not able to provide it. Very high standard.

This school is the best for early childhood education which is very important for greatest growth and development of the child. I am very happy that I put my child in this school because this school made me unburden my worries. Children can never learn manners early enough but in this school teachers make learning good manners fun for kids with humour, enthusiasm and energy. She learned self eating and good manners from the school only.

I highly recommend SIS for early learners."

Gauri Sharma.

"The staff is always professional, courteous, and kind. We are amazed about our son's quick progress with English and alphabet. Great school!

Jean-Yves Lefebvre

"Sunshine International school is the best school at Nishi Kasai.Me and husband are very satisfied with enrolled my child at S.I.S.,because of S.I.S my child become well discipline and well manners. All teachers staffs are well experience and well professional. Sunshine International school is very discipline,good manners, care about safety,very hygenic environment to your child. School activities are lot of crafts,physical activity,teach good manners,park activity,celebrate Halloween party,Christmas party,sports day..If you are looking for best school sunshine is the right choice for your kid."

Leena Chavan