Sunshine International School - Kindergarten Program Grade 3 (5-6 years of age)

Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Program Grade 3 (5-6 years of age)

S.I.S. curriculum is based on international standards but more importantly parental input. The fact is our system is so progressive that our students are taught material and lessons ahead of their actual age and grade. And when it comes to our English lessons, our students are only taught by 100% native English speakers.

Behavioral Development

Our staff teaches the students what is expected of them while at school with regard to their interaction with their classmates and teachers so they develop positive social skills.

Cognitive Development

Each student enrolled at S.I.S. is encouraged to “think” for themselves rather than just being told “what to do” and “how to do it”.

English Development

The English lessons focus on developing each student`s ability to recognize the alphabet, hearing ability, phonetic pronunciation and tense understanding. In addition, the consistent introduction of new words gradually increases a student’s overall English vocabulary.

Writing Development

S.I.S. students are taught how to write the upper case, lower case, and cursive form of the alphabet.

Math Development

The math lessons focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Reading Development

The S.I.S. reading program consists of a collection of books that each focused on a specific theme or topic that is geared to each student’s grade.

Discovery Lesson

These lessons focus on introducing the students to various themes and topics related to nature, the oceans, animals, cultures, and the planet as a whole.

Geography Lessons

Students will be taught about the different continents, countries of the world, capitals, flags and the world’s oceans.

Homework Assignments

Students will be assigned homework on daily basis as well as special weekend and monthly projects that allow parents to take part in their child’s education.

Physical Development

Students will experience various physical activities both inside and outside that will help develop their sense of balance, catching skills, running, jumping, and eye hand coordination.

Arts & Crafts

Students will develop and express their sense of imagination by focusing on elements of art through drawing、coloring, tracing, painting, ceramics, and clay, and sculpture.