Sunshine International School

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryI would like to inform everyone that we are relocating to our new location (directly across the street from our current location) from March 9, 2015 and along with this change that will surely improve the overall educational, fun, and safe learning environment S.I.S. already provides its’ families and students, we have also decided on the following as well for the up and coming school year.
Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryAfter reviewing the past year and taking into consideration the introduction of new schools in the area, I have decided that in addition to our moving to a more convenient location, certain measures must be taken in order to ensure S.I.S. continues to offer families the most choices with regard to enrollment options at the most affordable rates in the area, the most school days by far, an extremely low student-staff ratio, and a staff that makes it all possible. Therefore, I am happy to announce that we will introduce - or rather re-introduce - our original full day program which is from 8:00am-6:00pm.

S.I.S. Full Day Program

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryWith the re-introduction of our original full day program, I hope to meet the needs of those families in which both parents are working or are planning to go back to work. Based on recent enquiries from both Expat and Japanese families, I feel obligated and proud to once again offer a program that allows families to maximize their income potential and more importantly, provides parents with the peace of mind that their child is being well taken care of by an experienced, dedicated and talented staff. The fact that the current waiting list for such a program is over a year in the public sector and while other international schools in the area offer “after-school care” they also charge extra fees.

S.I.S.’s Uniqueness

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryThere is no question that S.I.S. stands by its own merits as a “Progressive International School” that strives to meet each student’s educational needs each and every day and also respects parental input. However, the fact the new schools have recently opened requires me to outline several unique factors that all set S.I.S. apart from other area schools so that current families and new ones moving to Nishi-Kasai can make the best decision for their child with regard to their educational needs.

S.I.S. Staff

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryThere is no question that no educational facility can be successful without offering families and their children an experienced, dedicated, attentive, and talented staff that strives to ensure that each day is educational, enjoyable and safe for each and every student. I am confident that you would agree that this year’s staff met the criteria mentioned above and that all future staff will undoubtedly do the same.

S.I.S. Offers A Low Student-Staff Ratio

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryS.I.S. has and will always be the #1 choice for those parents, who truly want their child to receive the daily individual attention he or she needs in order to develop all the skills necessary (behavioral, cognitive, physical, attention, memory, imagination, verbal, listening, math, science, geography, reading and writing) to ensure he or she will be better prepared to handle all their future challenges both in and out of the classroom.
Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryThere is no question that such a low ratio allows each S.I.S. staff member to develop a strong personal bond with each and every student which as I am sure you would agree is extremely important, if not the most important, aspect to consider when one is considering which is the best educational environment for their child. The fact is that no matter how talented a staff may be such a bond is simply not possible especially when there are 20-25 students in a class which is the case at other area schools.

S.I.S. Offers More School Days

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryAnother factor that sets S.I.S. apart from other area schools and especially for those families in which both parents are working or seeking to go back to work is the actual amount of yearly school days. While most of the area schools offer an average of 200 official schools and may offer additional days (Spring/Summer/Winter Programs) but at an additional cost, S.I.S. 2015-2016 yearly school schedule has increased to 240 days which once again underlines our commitment to our students and their families.

S.I.S. Offers More Enrollment Programs

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryWhile other schools tend to offer core programs and then charge extra for  “After School Care” or English lessons (which should be the core of any international school’s curriculum as well as included in the fees), S.I.S. offers families 4 programs and even allows families to personalize their schedule based on their weekly schedule. In addition to the various programs and rather than charging by the term, S.I.S. also allows parents to enroll for either 3 at regular rate or 6 months with a discount as well as monthly once one decides they will be leaving Japan. The fact I realize that every family has different needs and that working and living can be a daunting challenge without the proper support is the main reason S.I.S. offers various enrollment options and personalized schedules.

S.I.S. Offers Several Affordable Tuition Options

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryThe S.I.S. fee structure for each program is extremely competitive based on the overall curriculum which is based on international standards, the duration of each program, the overall yearly school days, the low student-staff ratio, and more importantly, the staff’s dedication to each student’s development. There is also no question the S.I.S. fees are more affordable based on a monthly fees than other area schools. While the average monthly fee at other area schools for a kindergarten program (generally 9:00am-1:00pm) is around \78,000 per month (not including extra fees such as “after school care” or English lessons), S.I.S.’s Program B fees range between \65,000-70,000 per month depending on one’s enrollment commitment. The monthly fee for each of the program S.I.S. offers are designed to once again our underline our commitment to offer more affordable educational options.

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryIn closing, I truly hope that you understand that my personal goal is to continue to offer an effective and enjoyable learning environment at an affordable tuition so that however long a child is in Japan, their educational experience is a positive one that will ensure that when they move on they will be more than ready to handle the challenges he or she will face both in and out of the classroom.

Mr. White
S.I.S. Principal

Why Are S.I.S.'s Elementary Level Programs Setting A New Standard?

Sunshine International School Introduction and HistoryDue to the fact our families are so pleased with our school, our staff, and their child’s development; they have encouraged us to start our elementary school program. With the introduction of our Elementary School Program, S.I.S.’s Elementary Programs set themselves apart from others by offering the lowest “student~teacher” ratio. S.I.S.’s “student ~teacher” ratio of 1-8 is THE new standard due to the fact other elementary school programs have a ratio of 1-30 on average or more. This will allow the S.I.S. staff, who are sufficiently trained and equipped to teach the S.I.S. elementary curriculum which is based on international standards, to develop a strong personal bond with each student which is vitally important to one’s development. The fact S.I.S. will continue to offer more schools days throughout the year also underlines our strong commitment to our families and our students.

Elementary Level 1
Current Enrollment 5 Availability 3

Elementary Level 2!!!!!!
Current Enrollment 4 Availability 4

Why consider enrolling your child in
Sunshine International School?

Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why Parents Entrust S.I.S. With Their Child’s Development and Education:

  • 1) A staff that consists of Native English teachers and Japanese teachers, who are dedicated, attentive, and experienced.

  • 2) A low “student - teacher” ratio to ensure each student gets the attention he or she needs to develop their English ability, Math ability, Writing ability, Social skills, Motor skills, and Cognitive skills.

  • 3) An interactive learning environment that engages each student between the age of 16 months and 8 years old.

  • 4) Our “3E” Curriculum that has proven itself to be effective, educational, and enjoyable for over 15 years.

  • 5) More school days throughout the year.

  • 6) Programs that offer more value for your investment in your child's education.

  • 7) An open admissions policy that allows students to enroll anytime.

  • 8) The S.I.S. camera allows parents to observe their child throughout the day.

  • 9) Daily reports so parents know what their child was taught during the day.

  • 10) Regularly scheduled "Parent - Teacher" meetings.

  • 11) A tuition system that is monthly based.

  • 12) Yearly events such as our Family Picnic, Halloween Party, Christmas Party and other celebrations related to our student’s cultural backgrounds.

In addition to the 40 more school days S.I.S. offers, that fact SIS Tuition is already either more affordable or as competitive as other schools only underlines the true value S.I.S. offers.

Of course, there are more reasons so please feel free to learn more about S.I.S. by contacting our head office to arrange a tour of the school.

Free Trial

S.I.S. offers a trial month without paying our joining fee or deposit fee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason during the trial month, we will refund all unused tuition!!!