Sunshine International School

A Progressive Learning Environment


Our students are introduced to an International Curriculum and Daily Lessons that are ahead of their actual ages which better prepares them for any future transitions in either Japan or when they move to another country.

English As The Official School Language


While our students are taught by Native English speakers, the lessons are reinforced because The younger students actually develop their English skills due to the “sibling-like” learning environment at S.I.S

An Experienced & Qualified Staff


The fact that 99% of families that have decided to enroll their child at S.I.S. were introduced by another one of our families either currently or previously enrolled underlines what a great job the S.I.S. staff does each and every day.

A Low Student-Staff Ratio


S.I.S. has and will always be the #1 choice for those parents, who truly want their child to receive the daily individual attention he or she needs in order to develop all the skills necessary for all their future challenges both in and out of the classroom.

More School Days


The S.I.S. total number of school days that make up the S.I.S. yearly school schedule underlines our commitment to our students and their families.

A Selection Of Programs To Enroll Your Child In


S.I.S offers families several programs and even allows families to personalize their schedule based on their weekly schedule as well as an open enrollment meaning students can start anytime of the year.

Affordable Tuition


The S.I.S. fee structure for each program is extremely competitive but more importantly, the tuition is discounted based on one’s enrollment commitment. The following fees are based on a 12 month enrollment term which can start at any time throughout the year. In addition, there is also no Joining Fee nor the Building Maintenance & Material Fee which also result in further savings.

Daycare Program
8:00am-6:00pm from ¥65,000 per month for 18 months – 2.5 years of age
8:00am-6:00pm from ¥70,000 per month for 2.5-6 years of age

Preschool & Kindergarten Programs
9am-1:00pm from ¥60,000 per month
9am-3:00pm from ¥65,000 per month
9am-5:00pm from ¥70,000 per month


A Yearly Discount Option

For those families, who prefer to enroll for a 12 month period, S.I.S. offers a yearly discount for each program which makes the tuition even more affordable.

A Trial Month


S.I.S. offers a trial month so you can decide for yourself if we are the right school for you and your child.